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Advertising on Shire Sounds

When you see a poster advertising something, you just look away or close your eyes? Ever tried closing your ears? Impossible, isn’t it! That’s why radio advertising works.

Advertising on Shire Sounds gets your message across to our listeners and have fun at the same time

Get your business message across and support your Community at the same time! We keep our advertising simple, your advert to be played on air at least 10 times a day, have your logo with a link to your website on our website and we will share your social media posts across our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. We can also offer News, Weather & Travel sponsorship. Please contact our sales team for more information. We shall also give you monthly reports on the performance of your advert and its reach.

Shire Sounds is a full time Community Radio Station serving all of Kettering & the surrounding areas including Barton Seagrave, Burton Latimer, Pytchley, Mawsley, Rothwell, Desborough, Warkton, Walgrave, Glendon & Rushton as well as being available online all over the UK & via the TuneIn App enabling us to reach people on smart speakers.

Get noticed in Kettering and the surrounding areas by getting involved with Shire Sounds!

Give your business a boost by getting your commercial on the air, and contact our amazing sales team today.

For more information complete the form on the contact us page, or you can email

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