Dance Anthems with Josh Sears

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Friday 6:00 pm 9:00 pm

Josh Sears

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The biggest and best dance anthems for Kettering

The biggest and best dance anthems for Kettering

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Dance Anthems with Josh Sears crew

Name: Josh Sears Birthplace: Kettering Describe yourself in 3 words: Charismatic, interesting, experimental Give us an interesting fact about yourself: I used to act and I played the main part of Peter Pan in one play and The Beast from Beauty and the Beast in another What is your favourite song of all time and why? My absolute favourite song ever is Craig David ft. Big Nastie - When the Bassline Drops as it's the song that not only got me into my love of Garage but also it got me to become a fan of Craig David who is now my favourite artist of all time Describe your ideal night out/in:  Night In My ideal night in is a box of cereal to myself, an episode of Black Mirror or a Drama/Sci-fi movie for me to enjoy Night Out would be with my mates at an Alton Towers late night event and just riding all the rides at night What do you love about Kettering? Kettering's unique lifestyle, everywhere else I have been seems so predictable, however Kettering always manages to keep you on your toes at all times, waiting for something new to happen What is your favourite place in Kettering? My favourite place in Kettering is New York Thunder Bowl as it always gives me joy with my friends What is your favourite part of being involved with Shire Sounds?: Shire Sounds for me is a dream come true, unfortunately for me I've haven't had the opportunity before to learn it all and get into it early, however Shire Sounds has given me this fantastic chance to finally begin a career I want to have, meet new people which will hopefully start friendships and so I can prove to myself I can do more than I think I can 

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